You can also get a pension of 72000 rupees under this scheme, apply this way

• Under this scheme, the applicant gets pension after 60 years.

• Both husband and wife are eligible for this scheme.

new Delhi. There are hundreds of schemes of the Government of India that you can easily take advantage of, but today we are going to tell you about a particular scheme. We are talking about the pension scheme launched by the government for the businessmen of the country. WECARE Scheme: Senior citizens will get benefit of increased interest till March, SBI did In fact, the Modi government had launched the Prime Minister Small Business Manadhan (PM Laghu Vyapari Maan-Dhan Yojana Yojana) for a few months. Under which the government will give a pension of Rs 3000 per month after the age of 60 years to income workers below Rs 15,000. The special thing is that both the husband and wife can be partners in this scheme, and in that case you can get the benefit of pension of Rs 72,000 annually. The scheme was earlier named PM Laghu Vyapari Maan-Dhan Yojana scheme but has since been changed to NPS for Traders and Self Employed Persons (NPS). If both husband and wife are eligible for this scheme, after 60 years they will get 6 thousand rupees jointly every month. How will the scheme benefit A person invests around Rs 100 per month at the age of 30 to avail this scheme. That is, if he contributes Rs 1,200 a year and Rs 36 thousand in the entire 30 years, then after 30 years, after the age of 60, he will get a pension of Rs 36,000 annually. According to this scheme, if there is any untoward incident with the account holder, then his spouse will get Rs 1,500 every month. No skim for

In the NPS for Traders and Self Employed Persons scheme, the monthly installment is between Rs 55 and 200, depending on the age. However, this scheme will not benefit EPF / NPS / ESIC customers. With this, even if you deposit income tax, this scheme is not for you. CLSS: Government gift to home buyers, may increase subsidy scheme deadline How to apply The most important to apply for NPS scheme is Aadhar Card and Savings Account. Only people between the age of 18 years and 40 years can avail this scheme. If the earning of the applicant is less than Rs 15,000, then you can take advantage of it very easily. To apply for these schemes, you have to take a document to CSC.

NPS: Not only the central government, not only the state and corporate employees will also be presented a recommendation to take advantage of the tax free scheme PRDF has decided to propose to the government for expansion of Tier-2 account.

NPS means National Pension System is a good option for a secure future. With this monthly income, at the age of 60 you also get a lump sum. It is a very popular scheme because of the safe money and good returns in it. Continuous efforts are being made to make this scheme beneficial and easy for investors, which is run by the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority. In the Corona era, PFRDA provided the facility to open an account through OTP. Now the authority has decided to make 14 percent contribution tax free for all categories of shareholders.

According to the PFRDA, the Central Government employees are now benefiting from the tax-free scheme in the NPS. Because a resolution was passed on April 1, 2019 in this regard. But now the proposal will be presented to the Central Government to enable these benefits to other categories of employers as well. In this case, private employees will also get the benefit. According to media reports, PFRDA chairman Supratim Bandyopadhyay said, “We would urge the government to get 14 percent tax benefit to the employees of the corporate unit besides the state and central government employees.” Many states are also demanding for this. For this, several state governments have also written to PFRDA about this. Emphasis on expansion of Tier-2 account There are two types of accounts in NPS. First Tier-I and second Tier-II. Tier-I is a retirement account, which is mandatory for every government employee to open. At the same time, Tier-II is a voluntary account, in which any salaried person can start an investment on his behalf and withdraw money at any time. It has been decided to urge the PFRDA government to extend the benefit of making the Tier-2 NPS account tax free to all shareholders. The authority says that tier-two NPS accounts have recently been made tax-free exclusively for central government employees. We want other employers to benefit from this as well. Therefore, emphasis is being laid on its expansion. So that it can get tax-free status. The lock-in period of tax-free tier-two account is of three years.

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