Why is the tongue of snakes in 2 parts, its secret is told in Mahabharata

New Delhi: Although snakes are just a poisonous animal for people all over the world, people are generally afraid. But in India, snake is not just an animal, but snake is also worshiped. There are many types of stories related to snakes in our country. Today we are going to tell you some special things about snakes, which you will hardly know before today. If you have seen snakes at some time or other, then you must have also seen that the tongue of snakes are in two parts. Today we are going to tell you why snakes’ tongues are divided into two parts. So let’s try to know what is the truth behind this.

The story of snakes being divided into two parts of the tongue is actually linked to the Mahabharata period. Yes, in the Mahabharata period it has been said that there used to be a famous sage Maharishi Kashyapa. This sage had two wives, Kudru and Vanitha, if the mythological facts were considered, then all the children of Kudru, the first wife of Maharishi Kashyapa, were snakes. He had a son from his second wife, Garuda Dev, once upon a time Kudru and Vanita were talking among themselves when they saw a horse far away, which was completely white.

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