Who is Jaya Kishori and what is her occupation?

Jaya Kishori is a beautiful and gentle girl from Sujangarh, Rajasthan who lives in Krishna devotion and talks devotional. On July 13, 1995, Kolkata-born Jaya Kishori told in an interview that she donates all the money collected from the satsang-bhajan to the Narayana Seva Sansthan Trust. Jaya Kishori hails from Sujangarh in Rajasthan.Born into a Gaud Brahmin family. There was an atmosphere of worship at home, so Jaya’s inclination towards Krishna devotion from childhood. In the ninth year of age, Jaya used to sing langashtakam, Shiva-tandava stotram, Ramashtakam etc. stotra in Sanskrit. She has studied from Mahadevi Birla World Academy in Kolkata. Jaya took initial initiation from Pt Govindaram Mishra. He used to call Jaya as Radha. He had given Jaya the title of ‘Kishori Ji’ in view of his love for Krishna. Now Jaya is known as Jaya Kishori among her devotees and when she sats ‘Nani Bai Ka Myra, Narsi Ka Bhat’, a crowd of millions gathers.At the age of 7, Jaya Kishori started wooing Thakurji with hymns. He sang in satsang during the Spring Festival in Kolkata. At the age of just 9, Jaya started singing many hymns in Sanskrit like Lingashtakam, Shiva-Tandava Stotram, Ramashtakam etc. Then at the age of 10, he sang Sundarkand alone. Which people liked very much. He has lent his voice to many devotional albums. Jaya Kishori performs ‘Nani Bai Ka Maira, Narsi Ka Bhat’. Guru Govindram Mishra, who gave him early education, named him Radha. Also, in view of his love for Shri Krishna, he has given the title of ‘Kishori ji’ as a blessing, donating the donations from Jaya Katha to Narayan Seva Trust, Udaipur, Rajasthan. This donation helps the handicapped. Narayan Seva also takes care of school and food for poor children. Famous hymns of Jaya Kishori (Jaya Kishori Famous Bhajan): – I am doing everything with your grace – Do not forget parents – Lingashtakam Mritunjay Japa – Radhika Gauri – Achutham Keswam Krishna Damodharam – Vidur houses come green today – Take Baba in the car – What should I see the colors of the world – Krishna Govind Govind Gopal Nandlal

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