Which organ in the body grows for 40 years?

Question 1) Which organ in the body keeps growing for 40 years?
Answer- Human brain keeps growing till the age of 40 years and after that, it starts to shrink. 

Question 2) When was Bengal divided on the basis of Hindus and Muslims?
Answer: In 1905

Question 3) Which country has no capital?
Answer – There is a country of Nauru which has no capital.

Question 4) Who presides over the joint sitting of the two houses of Parliament?
Answer- Lok Sabha Speaker

Question 5) Who made the tricolor of India?
Answer- The name of our national flagging person is Pingali Venkaiah.

Question 6) What is a bicycle called in Hindi?
Answer: Duplex

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  1. Noes and earlobes this two orgen in the body keep growing for 40 years!

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