Today is the right time to buy gold, big drop as soon as the market opens

• Gold and silver cheaper by Rs 200 in open futures market after two days.

• Gold and silver prices are seen falling in foreign markets.

After two days, gold and silver appear cheaper in the Indian futures market today. Initially, there was a slight rise in trading, but later gold fell sharply. While the price of silver also saw a downward trend. According to experts, the investment in gold and silver is declining due to the boom in Corona vaccine updates and investment in digital currency and growth in the equity market. Investors are increasing investment in equity market by selling in gold and silver. Let us also tell you at what level gold and silver are currently trading. Gold became cheaper Gold was trading at Rs 49,089 per ten gram, falling by Rs 235 per ten grams at 9.55 am. While today gold reached the day’s low with Rs 49,062 per ten grams. At the beginning of the business, gold went up to the day’s high with Rs 49,132 per ten grams. Today, gold started at Rs 49,101 per ten grams. – On Friday night, gold had closed at Rs 49,324 per ten grams.

Fall in silver price – The price of silver was trading at Rs 63,470 per kg, falling by Rs 265 per kg at 9.55 am this morning. Whereas today silver reached the day’s low of Rs 63,376 per kg. On the other hand, silver rose to an all-day high of Rs 63,500 per kg due to the early business boom. Silver was at Rs 63,482 per kg when the market opened in the morning. Let us tell you that during the closing of the silver market on Friday, it was at Rs 63,735 per kg. Also read: Crude oil crosses $ 50, relief still continues in India, know how much to pay for petrol diesel Gold and silver in foreign markets On the other hand, gold and silver appear to be cheaper in US markets. Gold is trading at $ 1839 an ons on the US futures market Comex, down by about $ 5 an ons. Talking about silver, it is trading at $ 24.07 an ons, down 0.11 percent. According to experts, there is a further decline in gold and silver in the coming days.

Stock market continues its great journey, Sensex sets new record

The Sensex opened at a record 46,346 points, the Nifty moved towards 13600 points Oil sector, metal and pharma sector are seeing a boom in the stock market new Delhi. Today the stock market reached a new level as soon as it opened. Currently, the Sensex is trading near 46,350 points. At the same time, the Nifty is moving towards 13600 points. In fact, due to the impact of foreign stock markets and the rise in the price of crude oil, the stock market is getting excited. Apart from this, there is also a boom in the metal sector and pharma sector. According to experts, the stock market boom can be seen in the same way throughout the day. There is another reason for this. Discussions are starting from FM on the budget from today. In such a situation, it is expected that the budget of the country will be placed on the floor of the Parliament in the middle of Corona. The stock market created a new record Today the stock market has reached a new record again. The Bombay Stock Exchange’s leading index Sensex is trading at 46342.99 points with a gain of 243.98 points. Whereas during the trading session today, the record had reached 46,346 points. While the National Stock Exchange’s major index Nifty 50 is trading at 13,588.15 points, with a gain of 74.30 points. The Nifty is also trading at record points. Also read :- Video: Cow dung, fruits and vegetables, for the first time, some goods will leave for the first cargo ship to Maldives

Greening in Sectoral Index On the other hand, green is being seen in the sectoral index. The pharma sector is trading at 136 points. On the other hand, the oil sector is witnessing a gain of 131 points. Metal is trading with a gain of 161 points. Bank Exchange 167 points, FMCG 71 points, Consumer durables 135 points, Capital 116 points, Auto 98 points, IT 49 points and Tech sector are seeing gains of 26 points. Also read: Crude oil crosses $ 50, relief still continues in India, know how much to pay for petrol diesel Pharma and oil companies gain momentum Cipla shares are seeing a gain of about 4 per cent. While Coal India is seeing 3.65 per cent, OLGC 3.10 per cent, Tata Steel 2.48 per cent and IOC shares gaining 1.76 per cent. On the other hand, when it comes to the declining stocks, Eicher Motors, Tech Mahindra and HDFC Life Insurance are down one per cent. While Wipro is trading 0.59 per cent and Bajaj Auto 0.41 per cent.

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