These Bollywood actresses broke the record of the most often married last

These Bollywood actresses broke the record of the most often married lastMumbai: In our society, weddings happen once and with whom it happens, this relationship gets connected for life. At the same time, if you talk about the film world, then there are many stars who have vowed to pass their lives together, while there are some stars who have broken all records in the matter of marriage. Actually today we are going to tell you about such actresses who have done many marriages in their lives, not one. Let’s know about actresses who have done more than one wedding. You will be surprised to hear this, but in this list of actresses, you will be surprised to know about their names.Bindiya Goswami First of all, let’s talk about the famous actress Bindiya Goswami, everyone knows them and people have turned their beauty around. That is why she has been a popular actress in the Bollywood industry, who has done 2 weddings. Please tell that he has married first to Vinod Mehra and second marriage to Jyoti Prakash. Their first marriage did not last, due to which they had to marry second. Neelam Kothari Now let’s talk about the 90s actress whose name is Neelam Kothari and she has been a known actress. Let us tell that they too have done a total of 2 weddings in their life. The first is with a UK-based businessman and the second is with actor Sameer Soni. Neelam faced a lot of problems after the first marriage in her life, after which she decided to have a second marriage. Yogita Bali Now comes the turn of Yogita Bali, a Bollywood actress who has been a famous actress in the film world, but you will be surprised that Yogita also had two weddings, the first marriage, then she was a famous singer Kishore With Kumar and another with actor Mithun Chakraborty. Neelima Azim Now let’s talk about Neelima Azim, who has been one of the famous actresses in the film world. But the surprising thing is that he has done not one or two but 3 marriages. For the sake of information, let us know that he has married first with Pankaj Kapoor, second with Rajesh Khattar and third with Usmad Raza Ali Khan. This has been a very difficult moment in Neelima’s life. Jeba Bakhtiar Even though people know Jeba less today, but remind you that Jeba has worked with Salman Khan. Not only this, actress Jeba Bakhtiar worked with Rishi Kapoor in the film Hina. Let me tell you that Jeba Bakhtiar is a Pakistani actress and you may be surprised to know that Jeba Bakhtiar has done 4 weddings. For the information, let us know that the first marriage is with Adnan Samee, the second with Javed Jaffrey, the third with Salman Valiani and the fourth with Sohail Khan Leghari.

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