These are the 10 best commando forces that protect the world

New Delhi: Countries around the world have prepared their commando force for special missions, secret operations and most difficult battles. All the big countries of the world have their own special forces.

  1. India’s Best Commando Force ‘Marcos’
    Marcos of India is counted among the world’s best commando forces. He is the Marine Commando of the Indian Navy.
    Marcos commands are famous worldwide for their bravery and successful operation. These land, air and water are capable of fighting in all three places.
    Marcos commandos prepare after hard training. They know how to operate rifles, snipers and all modern weapons. But Marcos without weapons proves more dangerous. Because they can kill the enemies without weapons. Martial arts training is given to these commandos.

Marcos commandos know all kinds of weapons, helicopters and ships. There is a saying in the army that one of the 10,000 soldiers is selected for Marcos commando training. Marcos Commando. In mental and physical abilities, America’s Famous Navy also leaves behind the seal. He was instrumental in dealing with terrorists in the 26/11 Mumbai attack.

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