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These 4 tips will increase the mileage of the car, thousands of rupees will be saved every month.

Tires are very important for a car Taking care will last many years Accident will not be threatened, money will also be saved New Delhi: The engine of the car is very important for its drive, but there is another part of the car, which is not possible to drive the car due to its failure. We are talking about CAR TIRES CARE. If the tires are in the right condition, then not only will the car be easier to drive but there will also be a decrease in the number of accidents. That is why today we will tell you some things about the care of the tires of the car (TYRE CARE AND MAINTENANCE TIPS) – Bike will look like new year after year, just take care while washing There are 2 types of tires One is a tube and the other is a tubeless tire. Nowadays tubeless tires are more popular. Tubed tires are usually of a lower price. Due to friction between the tube and the tire, this tire heats up quickly and hence such tire punctures are also quicker. This is the reason nowadays people prefer to buy tubeless tires. Take complete information of tire The tires used in all trains are different from each other. His information is written on the side of the tire. Like if P is written on the tire of the car. ‘P’ means a tire passenger car. The number on the car tire is P215 / 55R15 90S. This means the width of the tire is 215mm, 55 means the aspect ratio and R means radial while 15 is the rim size of the matlab. Avoid overloading One must keep the goods at par with the capacity of the vehicle. Because overloading affects the performance and tires of the vehicle Rating is given according to speed- The maximum speed is fixed in advance of every tire. For this, ratings from A1 to Y are given. A1 rated tires 5 Kmph and Y rated tires can run at a maximum speed of 300kmph. The tire should be changed after running 40,000 km. If you feel that the tire is fine, then change the tire after running 50,000 km more than the limit.Due to the more powerful engine in the big car, its mileage decreases significantly. But if you follow some important tips, the mileage of the car can be increased to a great extent. New Delhi: If you have a big car, then you will know how expensive it can be to drive. In fact, due to the more powerful engine in the big car, its mileage decreases significantly. But if you follow some important tips, the mileage of the car can be increased to a great extent. So let’s know which are the Vote Apps which are very effective in increasing mileage. Do not press too much clutch The clutch should never be pressed too much while driving a car, this puts a load on the engine and consumes more fuel. Due to this, the clutch also deteriorates quickly, so take care to drive. Turn off the engine at red light Many people turn off the engine at red light and many people keep the engine running. If you want to reduce fuel consumption, the engine should be stopped at red light. In this way fuel consumption will be less and the mileage will automatically start getting better than before. Avoid running at high speed Many times people drive the car at a higher speed, which causes more load on the engine, due to which the mileage of the car is reduced compared to normal. So you should always avoid driving the car at high speed. Even on the highway, the car should not run faster than 70-80 kmph speed, you will feel that the mileage of the car has started increasing. Service should be done regularly

Service of the car matters a lot, because if the car is serviced regularly then the engine is clean and there will be no fault. The more smooth the car runs, the better the mileage. During the course of service, keep the engine oil and other oils replaced at the right time. After doing this you will start to realize that the mileage is increasing.

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