There will never be an accident in the rain, just use the sandal and detergent like this


• avoid car accident .

• During the rainy season, due to the accumulation of water on the glass, dangerous car accidents occur.

• Glass will continue to shine with sandal and detergent.

The rainy season has knocked. The weather feels as good inside the house as it does on the roads, especially when you are driving. Everywhere, water is not only on the road, but the water falling on top of the vehicle also falls so fast that nothing is visible in front, in which case the risk of getting accident is very high. If you are also troubled by these monsoon troubles, then today we are telling you some indigenous jugaad which you can try and call these rain problems boy-boy. Regmala: Many times it is seen that the Car Wiper is running but the water does not clean properly, due to which we do not see the things in front. To eliminate this problem you do not need to change the wiper, but just bring the sheet of sandpaper and rub the sandpaper on the wiper. Dust and oil freeze on the front part of the wiper. Because of this their performance is reduced. The oil and dust on the wiper is cleaned when rubbed with sandpaper. If the wiper is not cut anywhere, then after rubbing it will start working like new. Detergent- If you think that your wind screen is very clean then it is your misunderstanding. Clean your windscreen with 2 drops of liquid detergent screen. The glass will start to glow and the water will not stop due to the effect of detergent. Always carefully fill the wind screen washers with liquid detergent (Liq Detergent) and keep it clean in between when needed. Tobacco

It may sound strange, but it is an unbelievable jugaad, and every person driving it must have used it at some time. For this, you have to rub some kind of tobacco on the wind screen of the vehicle. Rubbing tobacco will not stop the water, even when there is torrential rain on the glass, but will flow straight away because tobacco increases the smoothness of the glass.

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