The fate of the husband is connected to the stomach of the woman, know how is the shape according to the script

Lucky for husband * Fat belly According to oceanography, women who have fat belly are considered lovers of wealth. * Women with fat belly do not want to make any kind of compromise in terms of money. But such women are lucky to have a husband.According to the Samudra Shastra, women whose stomach is always thin, they are considered to consume Rajsukh. * If the stomach is smooth with thinness, then such women bring good luck to the family. Such women are always beautiful to look at, but they have a more beautiful nature than this.Lifetime misfortune towards religion and spirituality. Hole shaped belly Women who have a belly shape like a pot, ie, thin from above and spread slightly coming down, such misfortune in women Is found They get happiness after a lot of struggle. Not good by nature High belly According to oceanography, women with high stomach are not good in nature. But such women are highly attracted to men. Also, women with such stomachs are very pleased. Born beautiful girls

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