Tasting a biscuit, you can earn 3 lakh rupees in a month, this company took out a unique job

Unique Job: A UK company will give a package of 40 lakhs annually to replace biscuit tasting For applying, the person should have a good knowledge of the Biscuit test, as well as the leadership quality.

By the way, to work in the company is quite a headache. Because working on a laptop for hours and developing different business ideas is not easy. In such a situation, if you say that you have to do a job in which you are just tasting biscuits and for that the company will give you a salary of 3 lakh rupees a month. You might find this strange and funny to hear, but it is true. In fact, in the UK company, a Scottish biscuit company has taken out such a unique job. Biscuit maker Border has taken out this special job. For this, a person who tastes biscuits will be given 40 thousand pounds in a year. That is, his salary will be around 40 lakh rupees annually. That is, he will get more than 3 lakh rupees every month for tasting biscuits. The person applying for this job must have a special talent, that is, accurate information about the test. Actually, the company wants to hire a person who has the right knowledge of biscuits and its taste. Company will also give holidays The company will also give a few holidays to the employee to prevent biscuits from eating. So that you can keep your mood fresh. According to media reports, this company making biscuits will give 35 holidays in a year to its employees. This is a full time job. Those who apply will be selected first. After this, there will be an interview of selected people. Only those who perform in this will get jobs. Company looking for master biscuit The purpose of the company to get such a fun job is to provide better test and quality biscuits to the customers. To achieve this goal, the company needs new master biscuits. In this job, the applicant should come to deal with the customer. Because building relationships with customers is a difficult challenge.

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  2. Please give me this job because I love to eat biscuit . They are very tasty and I also know how to sell buiscuit to coustomer……plzzzzzzz give me this job😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. Yes I’m ready but you call me please my contact No. 09653645392

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