Sudden bus operators strike, private bus wheels stop, thousands of passengers upset

Private bus operators strike in ruckus, thousands of passengers getting harassed .. Gwalior The wheels of hundreds of private buses plying from Gwalior came to a halt on Wednesday due to the sudden strike. Due to which thousands of passengers traveling in these buses were seen getting upset. The reason behind the sudden strike by the private bus operators is the quarrel of the riders which takes place between the buses of Chandrabadni and the main bus stand to seat the passengers daily.

Bus operators quarrel, riders upset Nearly 150 buses plying on Jhansi Road Par Naka Chandra Badni in Gwalior city did not run on Wednesday. The bus operators went on a sudden strike which stopped the wheels of buses going from here to other cities and thousands of passengers were seen getting upset. Private bus operators going on strike say that the buses running from the main bus stand pass through their route and also take the passengers sitting in their buses in their bus, which is causing them a lot of damage. Bus operators demand that the buses run from the main bus stand do not sit on their route. As soon as the news of the bus operators’ sudden strike and passengers was disturbed, the administrative officials and police reached the spot and tried to convince the bus operators who were doing the strike but the bus operators remained adamant.

Buffalo dung on the new road and fined the owner 10 thousand

By the way, many stray animals make dirt on the roads, but in Gwalior, a buffalo dung on the new road cost his owner 10 thousand rupees .. Gwalior Another amazing case of strange MP has come out. The case is of Gwalior, where a buffalo dung on a new road became too expensive for its owner and he had to pay a fine of Rs 10,000. The name of the buffalo owner is Betal Singh from whom the Municipal Corporation has collected these fines. The order of imposing the fine was given by the corporator, so the officials showed great readiness and the buffalo owner is scared even after paying the fine. Buffalo dung on the road, owner fined 10 thousand This is the case of Siraul Road in Gwalior where the Municipal Corporation was constructing a new road. Meanwhile, the buffaloes of Betal Singh, who lived nearby, came and stood on the road. At the same time, Municipal Commissioner Sandeep Makin and other officials arrived at the scene, he first instructed to remove the buffalo from the road. Staff were trying to remove the buffalo when the buffalo owner Betal Singh reached there and started taking the buffalo with him. Just then, a buffalo dung on the road, seeing that the commissioner Sandeep Makin gave instructions to impose a fine on the buffalo owner. After the order of the corporator, the officers immediately swung into action and reached the buffalo owner’s house and fined him 10,000 rupees. After which the buffalo owner has submitted. The officer said that action was taken if we received the instruction .. On this action, the jurisdiction officer Manish Kannaujia told that the buffaloes of Betal Singh were roaming on the road. We received instructions of action, after which a fine was imposed. Corporation officials say that fines will now be imposed against those who cause dirt on the road. For this, the personnel of the corporation have also been given home guards for security. Big question? After imposing a fine on buffalo owner Betal Singh, now the officials of the corporation are talking about imposing a fine against the people who cause dirt on the road. But the authorities do not have any exact answer on what the corporation has plans to prevent stray cattle accidents or to remove stray animals from the streets.

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