Shardiya Navaratri 2020: Goddess mother will come on horse this time, know its effect

Sharadiya Navratra 2020 – Goddess Durga Coming On Horse- This time Goddess Mother comes on horse, symbol of war The Sharadiya Navratri, which starts just after the Shraddha Paksha, will begin this year i.e. in 2020, a month after the end of the Shraddha Paksha. In fact, with the end of Shraddha Paksha this year, many festivals have moved ahead this time with the beginning of Adhikamas i.e. Purushottam month. In such a situation, this time Navaratri 2020 is going to start from October 17. In this case, this time the arrival of Maa Durga will be on horse i.e. horse, while Goddess Maa will depart on Durga (October 26, 2020, Monday) on elephant. According to experts, Navratri usually starts from the next day as soon as Pitripaksha ends. But this time Malamas has made a difference of one month between Pitripaksha and Navratri. Because of this, devotees of Mata will have to wait a full month to receive Mother. According to astrology and Devi Bhagwat Purana, the arrival of Maa Durga also indicates the future events.

Mother’s vehicle in Navratri …
In this way, Singh is considered the vehicle of mother Durga. But according to the date of Navratri every year, Mother comes on earth riding on different vehicles. That is, instead of Mata Singh, she also comes to Earth by riding on another ride.
According to Pandit Sunil Sharma, it is also said in the Devi Bhagwat Purana that ‘Shashi Surya Gajrudha Shani Bhavabhai Turangame’. Gurushukrech Dolayan Budhe Naukaprakrita॥ In this verse, according to the seven days of the week, the different vehicle for the arrival of the Goddess is described. If Navratri starts on Monday or Sunday, then it means that Mother will come on elephant.

On Saturday and Tuesday, Ashwin Shukla Pratipada i.e. Kalash is established, then Mata comes riding on horse. Mata comes on the doli when Navratri is starting on Thursday or Friday. On Wednesday, when the Navratri Puja starts, Mata arrives on a boat.

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