Night curfew will not last: government announces big announcement, changes in one day

Night curfew will not last: government announces big announcement, changes in one day Night curfew was announced in Karnataka, although the Karnataka government abruptly lifted the night curfew, changing its decision a day later.

Taking the Covid-19 New Strain seriously, the Precautionary Covid Protocol in India was tightened. Night curfew was announced in Karnataka after Maharashtra in this sequence, although the Karnataka government abruptly removed the night curfew a day after changing its decision. Night curfew lifted in Karnataka In fact, on Wednesday, or yesterday, the Karnataka government announced the introduction of night curfew. According to the order, it was decided to impose curfew from 11 am to 5 am by January 1. However, on Thursday, the government suddenly withdrew its decision and issued an order to remove the night curfew. Also Read: Demolition of Jal Board: AAP shares video, told ‘BJP goons’ 4 Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa announced The Karnataka government issued a statement in this evening saying that it was decided to withdraw the Knight Curfew order after reviewing the situation on the suggestion of the Technical Advisory Committee. 4 Night curfew changed a day later State Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa informed that the need for night curfew was not felt in view of public opinion. The decision was re-reviewed and it was decided to withdraw the night curfew with cabinet colleagues and senior officials. Also read: Gold-Silver Price: Gold-Silver price again increased, know how much the price rise Night curfew announced till January 2 Let us know that on the previous day, Karnataka Health Minister K Sudhakar had a meeting with the members and senior officials of the State Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), after which it was decided that the night curfew will be imposed in the new year till January 2 which It will be continued from 10 am to 6 am. Corona virus data in Karnataka Corona figure in Karnataka reached 912 thousand. 887 thousand people have been cured. At the same time 12.038 thousand people have died.

Corona hit on New Year celebrations, these states banned celebrations

The corona virus has eclipsed the celebration of the new year. The hotel and mall industry, along with the people, had high expectations, but this deadly scandal has wiped out their hopes. India has also been alerted after Corona’s new strain surfaced in Britain. In view of this, the state government has also become alert and is taking a precaution. Many state governments prohibited the celebration of the New Year. In Maharashtra, the government has banned the movement of people and party goers in the Christmas and New Year. Several restrictions have been imposed in Maharashtra from 22 December to 5 January and curfew will remain at night. Due to this, shops will not be open till late at night. 4 Read also… J & k DDC Election Result: BJP gains bumper here; The biggest thing is that most places, major shops and most malls of Mumbai will not be allowed to open till late night on the occasion of Christmas and New Year. Night curfew will continue from 11 am to 6 am in Maharashtra. Passengers from Europe and Middle East countries have been mandated to stay in a 4-day institutional quarantine. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray says that it is very important to be vigilant for the next 15 days. Also read… Now the price of gas cylinder will change every week, the government is in preparation for this new scheme 4 Tamil Nadu The government in Tamil Nadu has taken a major decision to stop the corona virus from growing. The government has banned New Year parties at beaches, hotels, clubs and resorts on the night of December 31 and January 1, 2020. No one will be allowed to visit the beaches on these dates. Beach-side roads, restaurants, hotels and club resorts including beach resorts and other such places. Also read… Government announced big on petrol and diesel, now prices will be reduced Gujarat Night curfew has been imposed in Ahmedabad in view of Corona virus. There will be no New Year party on December 31 in the state. Deputy Commissioner of Police (Control Room) Harshad Patel informed that police uniforms and plain clothes will be deployed in the state to catch drug traffickers and those who violate the rules related to the outbreak of the epidemic. The night curfew has already been imposed in the city, so all the celebrations on 31 December have been banned. Ban on pub-restaurants in Bengaluru too Due to the Corona outbreak, the Karnataka government also banned the New Year celebrations in Bangalore’s clubs, pubs and restaurants. According to the order of the state government, from December 30 to January 2, Bangalore’s clubs, pubs, restaurants and other places will be prohibited on the New Year celebrations.

Ban on parties in Uttarakhand too The Uttarakhand government has ordered a ban on public celebrations at bars, hotels, and other public places on the occasion of Christmas and New Year. There will be a ban on partying in public places, such as pub bar restaurants, on Christmas and New Year.

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