Karwa Chauth Puja Vidhi 2020: The special importance of these 7 things in the worship of Karva Chauth, worship is incomplete without them

Karwa Chauth Puja Vidhi 2020: The special importance of these 7 things in the worship of Karva Chauth, worship is incomplete without themThis time Karva Chauth fast will be observed on November 4 This form of Goddess mother started Karva Chauth new Delhi. In the festival of Karva Chauth, women start preparing for worship with great reverence, but due to some rivers, women forget to keep the same which is considered an important part of this worship, without which the worship of Karva Chauth is considered incomplete. The women fast throughout the day without food and water and worship together with the group in the evening. The law regarding worship of Karva Chauth is also that it is not generally done alone. Although in today’s time, women stay away from family, they have to worship alone. But even after this, if the husband is not involved in the worship, then this worship is considered incomplete. Because this worship strengthens relationships. There are 7 such essential things in the worship of Karva Chauth, which is very important. Let’s know about them…Must have sync While listening to the story in the worship of Karva Chauth, keep the sinks with you while worshiping. These sinks symbolize the power of Mother Karva, on whose strength she blew the pages of the account of Lord Chitragupta, an associate of Yamaraja. Importance of Karva It is very important to have karva in the worship of Karva Chauth. This Karva is a symbol of the river in which the crocodile caught the leg of the mother Karva’s husband. Nowadays you can find beautiful karve for worship in the market. Picture of Karva Mata In the worship of Karva Chauth, the picture of mother is placed, this picture is very different compared to other goddesses. It is in his picture that women get the energy that keeps them standing firmly during this fast. In this picture, their importance is realized with the presence of the moon and the sun. Pooja is incomplete without Deepak Any worship in Hinduism would have been incomplete without a lamp. This is why lamp is important because it increases concentration by focusing our attention. Also in this puja, the flame of the lamp symbolizes the life light. Tammy has special importance Similarly, sieve also has special significance in this fast. According to Hindu beliefs, the moon is considered to be the form of Lord Brahma and the moon is blessed with a long life. Moon has qualities like coolness, beauty, love and longevity. That is why all women, seeing the moon, wish that all these qualities come in their husbands. This is the meaning of Lotte A lota is necessary to offer Chandra to Arghya. During the puja, keep water filled in the lotus. This water is a means of dedicating our expressions to the Moon. Anyway, in every puja, the Kalash is installed as Ganesha. In a plate of worship, one should use Gangajal, Sindoor, Mahavar, Bangle, Comb, Bindi Chunri along with a lota filled with diyas, fruits and water. Along with this, keep 11 cans, raw milk, incense sticks, flowers, sandalwood, honey and sugar in the worship material.

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