If you also have this mark in your hand, then you will have every wish

Hastrekha Shastra is a storehouse of knowledge on the basis of which hands, face etc. can be known about the past, present and future of any person.


Hastrekha Shastra is a storehouse of knowledge on the basis of which hands, face etc. can be known about the past, present and future of any person. For this, we have to identify some special signs (marks) and lines made in the hand, after that we can know everything by knowing where they are. Know about such a hand sign Three parts of your little finger will reveal all your secrets, see the future of others like this These tricks of astrology can change your fortune without spending a rupee It is considered very lucky to have a mark of a trident anywhere in the hand. According to astrologers, the person who has the mark of a trident on the palm of the heart line near the Guru mountain, becomes proud and talented in society. If there is a sign of the trident on the sun line, then the person gets benefits and high status in government sector. According to ancient astrology, if the trident symbol is made in the palm of a person, the symbol of Lord Shiva is multiplied. If this sign is on the fate line, then the person is very lucky and gets all the happiness. But when other lines are drawn with the sign of the trident, the opposite result is obtained and all auspicious results are eliminated. According to beliefs, if the ten fingers of a person’s hand has the symbol of the symbol of Lord Vishnu, it is similar to the Chakravarti emperor. It is believed that such a person attains Raja Yoga. He gets government position and wealth. If a person has a fish symbol on his palm, it is also considered auspicious. If this sign is on the lifeline or fate line, then that person is lucky and this mark is also a symbol of longevity.

This village woman became a YouTube sensation at the age of 70, won the hearts of people with her recipe

‘Aapli Aaji’ Youtube Sensation: Maharashtrian cooks food, uses home-made spices She puts videos on YouTube together with her 17-year-old grandson new Delhi. It is said that if you have skill, then you can sit in the house and come in the eyes of the world. A 70-year-old woman did the same thing. Despite living in a small village and not very educated, these women have become a YouTube sensation today. Through this YouTube channel named as ‘Aapli Aaji’, she teaches people how to make different types of recipes, people are very much liked. He has many followers. Suman Thame, who lives in Sarola Kasar village, 15 km from Ahmednagar, posts his recipes on YouTube channel. In this, she takes the help of her 17-year-old grandson Yash. Because the technical work from video editing to uploading is handled by him. While Suman cooks a variety of dishes. She loves this job so much that the day she is unable to make a video, she feels restless. Suman showcases Maharashtrian food using homemade spices on her channel. People liked his style very much. Within a month of starting the channel, she became very popular. He has been awarded the ‘YouTube Creators Award’ for YouTub’s most popular channel. Suman shows recipes ranging from sweets to chutneys and vegetables in her videos. Apart from this, he has made dishes like Vada Pav, Pav Bhaji, Besan Laddu and Balushahi in traditional style. So far, she has shared around 120 recipes on her channel. He currently has more than 6 lakh subscribers on his YouTube. Suman is very happy to achieve success in this stage of age. He says that there is no age to fulfill dreams.

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