How much load does the Whatsapp server facing in transmitting Diwali wishes?

At the beginning of Diwali, the condition of the mobile phone messaging app WhatsApp worsened. WhatsApp crashed due to Diwali messages in India, due to which the users also had to face a lot of trouble.

How much load is the Whatsapp server facing in transmitting Diwali wishes
How much load is the WhatsApp server facing in transmitting Diwali wishes

The company has regretted the inconvenience caused to the users due to the WhatsApp crash. Not only India but the users of the whole world were disturbed by the WhatsApp crash. People were not able to send messages to each other.

WhatsApp stopped working in Europe, including India, on Nov. 14 Europe for about 45 minutes. There was a problem due to sending more messages by the users through this mobile phone messaging app.

However, WhatsApp has been running perfectly since this morning. Users are congratulating each other by messaging each other.

How Whatsapp server handles load facing in transmitting Diwali wishes?

WhatsApp uses a huge amount of load balancers to distribute load throughout the world. They have servers in each country around the glow so if a user from the united states wants to send a message they connect that user to its the nearest server which reduces time and load at the same time.

In any case, if a server face too much load than that server will transfer half of it’s load to the second nearest server and due to this they can continue their messaging service during the biggest festival of India – Diwali

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