Great news for Vodafone Idea users, getting 1 GB data free

The festivals have not started yet, that companies have started attracting customers by giving them big offers. Telecom company Vodafone Idea (renamed Vi) has just made a new announcement that it is giving 4G data to its users for free. And the most important thing is that you can use this data anytime within a week. Let us know that the biggest reason for this offer given by the company has been found to be the frequent decrease of their users. In such a situation, to keep the customers connected, the company has introduced such a plan in front of the customers. Which may later prove to be successful.Who is getting free data According to the information received, the company is giving 1 GB 4G data for free to keep its current customers connected under this offer. Also, the validity of the data is 7 days. If users are not able to use this data for a week, then it will expire. However, the thing to note is that this offer is being given to select customers. Users who have been given this offer have also been told through an SMS. Check like this If you also want to know this scheme whether you have got the benefit of free data or not, then put Vi App in the phone. After logging in, go to the details of Active Packs. Here you will know in Data Packs whether free data is found or not. Loss of 48.2 lakh users Please tell that Reliance Jio has always been successful in adding new customers through its plan, due to their success, companies like Airtel and Vodafone have started losing their users. Due to the continuous decline of its users, Vodafone has thought about this new plan. With which they can find their lost users. According to the data, in June 2020, Reliance Jio has added about 4.5 million new users, while Vi has reduced about 48.2 lakh users.

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