Google maps can be used even without internet, these steps have to be followed

When we are traveling somewhere (Google Maps) we use Google Maps. Also, if someone wants to share his location, we take the help of GPS (GPS) service of smartphone. With this help, we can easily reach the marked location. When we go to some new place, where we do not know the way, then we take the help of Google Maps. A large number of people use Google Maps. Trouble comes when the internet is not running in the smartphone or the problem comes in the mobile network. Offline gps usage Sometimes Google Maps or Navigation service is also cheated. There are many places where the network does not come right in the smartphone. In such a situation it is very difficult to access the internet. Also, the internet is also down at times. In such a situation, the way may be lost. In such a situation you can also use GPS offline. To run offline GPS, you need to follow some steps. For this, first you have to save the location in your device beforehand.These steps have to be followed You can reach your destination with offline GPS by following some easy steps. With the help of offline maps of Google Maps, you can use GPS even without internet. With its help, you can download or save a map of the place where you have to go. For this, you have to open the Google Maps app in your smartphone.Select your map After opening Google Maps, you will see your profile in the top left.

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