Ekta Kapoor to become bride: Marriage going to be with her, photos revealed

Ekta Kapoor to become bride: Marriage going to be with her, photos revealed Ekta Kapoor has shared such a photo on social media, after which the discussion about their marriage has intensified. In this photo, she is seen with her close friend.

Famous TV and Bollywood director and producer Ekta Kapoor is in the headlines once again. But this time, he is in discussion about his personal life, not his professional. Ekta has posted a picture on her official Instagram, after which discussions about their marriage have intensified. It has been speculated for many days that she is going to get married soon with her close friend Tanveer Buchwala. But in this latest post, he has given some hint on his behalf. Ekta wrote this caption after sharing the post In Ekta’s photo shared on social media, she is seen with her close friend Tanveer. While sharing this photo, Ekta wrote in the caption that we are there! Will tell all soon !!!! That is, we have reached here, I will tell you all soon. Now this photo is trending fast on social media. Ekta’s fans say that she is going to get married.Fans are quite excited Let us know that nothing has been told about this from Ekta till now, but after this photo people are speculating that both are going to get married soon. All of them are highly excited by this post. After this post, there has been a flood of comments on social media. Please tell that not only Ekta but Tanveer has also shared many photos with Ekta.Time to convert friendship into kinship At the same time, Tanveer Bookwala has also commented on the photo and has written that the time has come to convert this friendship into kinship. After which the news of the marriage of both of them is spreading rapidly. Everyone hopes that Ekta will soon share the good news related to her wedding. Let us know that Tanveer is also active in the entertainment industry. He is the founder of Ding Entertainment.

Ekta Kapoor’s house got stoned, forced to apologize

Small screen and Bollywood’s well-known producer Ekta Kapoor is getting caught in controversy these days due to her many web series. Recently, a stone pelting started happening at Ekta Kapoor’s Juhu house. After which the security of that area has been increased. Web series resist Let me tell you, this was done in protest against a scene from ‘Virgil Bhaskar 2’, a web series of stone pelting unity. This series depicts a scene of a hostel where some misdeeds are going on. And, that hostel was named Ahilyabai. Which is the name of a real hostel. https://www.instagram.com/p/CADnOtzAmrZ/ 4 Also read… War begins in LAC: both army fully ready, thousands of soldiers and heavy weapons deployed View of virgin bhaskar 2 The scene has also been opposed by Bhushan Singh Raje Holkar, a descendant of Ahilyabai Holkar. Expressing his objection to this view, has written a letter to Ekta Kapoor’s production house. Bhushan has appealed to remove that scene from this web series created by Ekta and also apologize. Otherwise they can also take legal action. https://www.instagram.com/p/B_fFgquA9oi/ Also read… Kangana’s big win: Uddhav government conceded defeat, order of Bombay High Court arrived Apology for unity After which Ekta Kapoor has submitted an apology through social media and has also informed that she has removed that scene from the series. Ekta wrote in the post, “It has come to my notice that some people have objected to the name of a hostel shown in a scene of ‘Virgin Bhaskar 2′”. And it has also hurt their feelings. ‘ https://www.instagram.com/p/B_UYmezgNKD/ Also read… Big news: reservation benefits will not be available in jobs and educational institutions from 2020-2021 Social media posts Ekta Kapoor further wrote in the post, “Well, that scene was not meant to offend anyone. We have used only the first name of Ahilyabai in the name of the hostel in the series, not her surname. Yet that scene has been removed from the series. I apologize on behalf of my team. ”This is not the first time that people attacked Ekta Kapoor in such a manner. In the past too, on social media, Ekta has been trolled many times for some pornographic web series. Which was fiercely opposed as well.

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