Chanakya says avoid these 5 things, life will be happy and prosperous

husband and wife If a husband or wife is standing or sitting in a place, then he should not go in the middle. This is considered inappropriate. When doing so, the privacy of husband and wife is disturbed. May be husband or wife are discussing some serious family-family problem or are having a private conversation, then our personal moments may be interrupted due to us. master and servant When the master and the servant are talking, they should never leave. May be Swami is explaining to his servant any important work. At such a time, if we come out among them, the communication between the boss and the servant will be interrupted. Do not leave between two scholars If two knowledgeable people are talking, then one should not get out of their midst. There is an old saying: Meet knowledgeable people with knowledge. That is, when two knowledgeable people meet, they only talk about knowledge. Therefore, in such a time, their conversation should not be disturbed.

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